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Here is the complete catalog of properties we offer from EUROPAHUS. In it you will find all kinds of properties for sale, both used and new construction.

Whether you're looking for a house to settle in Spain, for holiday, a profitable investment or a property that allows you to settle in Spain, we offer an extensive range of properties to suit all needs and budgets.

Found 106 Properties

Found 106 Properties

Property Consultants in Costa Cálida Murcia

Why choose a real estate agent to buy or sell a property in Spain?

Although buying and selling homes is something that is done all over the world, each has its protocols and peculiarities. In the case of Spain, the presence of an estate agent assures us spare us unnecessary problems.

Buying a home that meets our needs and desires or, in the case of the seller, to vent their home in a certain period of time, it can become a real headache. If we add the disadvantages of entering into one of these two processes abroad and not being a native of Spain, we can conclude that the recommended option is placed in the hands of a real estate agent.

You may be thinking that it is natural that tell a property like us. In EUROPAHUS we took more than 15 years helping European customers, especially Nordic, on the sale of homes. Our experience tells us that the idea that a customer has a priori about what to buy, it is not always the best for your particular case.

While the emergence of various web portals estate has encouraged many to make direct contact with individuals who put their homes on this practice does not always give the desired results. Sometimes they make mistakes because we miss certain aspects of the housing market in Spain, or we ignore crucial aspects for our search to the best results.

How we can help a realtor?

While the expert knowledge of the market is vital to optimize the process of buying a property in EUROPAHUS We emphasize the importance of the human factor.

It is important that the professional who go to trust has a very high degree of empathy, because to develop guarantees work is essential to understand what the client looks at the personal level, their concerns and even those problems and disappointments you have experienced in the past with regard to seeking or selling a property.

We consider essential that the client is comfortable with the realtor to establish a relationship based on trust and support that promotes the attainment of the objectives.

Realtors have expert knowledge of the sector.

Although many people claim to have prior knowledge of the home or the area in which it is purchased, the fact is that when the operation is a bit more complex than usual, having a person next to you at all times warn you difficulties and, most importantly, we offer the best solutions to address the security operation, gives great value to the realtor.

A real estate agent will provide helpful tips on every important issue.

It is noteworthy that the real estate agent will not only help us to resolve any doubts administrative and fiscal character arising us, but we also provide a number of useful tips in order to get better results during the process of buying the house.

Sometimes, without going any further, the lack of an urban area can lead to conclusions that do not conform to reality. then will the real estate agent in charge of providing us all the detailed information about the area in question to have a clearer vision and choose the neighborhood or area that best suits our lifestyle.

When it comes to sell, we can make the mistake of not measuring time for the preparation and sale of the house properly. Will the realtor who advise us about when is the right time to meet the demand.

An agent will ensure the best choice for your particular case.

There are many circumstances that dictate whether a house is not for us, but in most cases ignore them. Before carrying out such a major operation such as the purchase of a home, real estate agent will take into account those inspections which have been carried out to check the status of the property, if the price is in line with market requirements, if financially is to us, or if you meet our demands on a personal level, etc.

EUROPAHUS, property consultants in the Costa Calida.

Generally speaking, having a realtor will save you time. It will be concerned to help and be responsible for facilitating the management of the required formalities. The ultimate aim of the agent is that the homebuyer will never forget him and recommend his services if you have been satisfied.

If you are looking for housing on the coast of Spain, either for retirement, as a second residence or as an investment, check out the catalog of properties EUROPA HUS. We have owned homes and new in all areas of Costa Calida and Costa Blanca, from Mazarrón to Denia. Contact us, tell us what you're looking for, and in less than you think you'll be enjoying your home in Spain.

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