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Found 2 Properties

Found 2 Properties

New Build Property for Sale in Santiago de la Ribera Costa Calida

Guide to succeed when buying your home in Spain

When buying a property it is advisable not sign anything you do not understand. In Europahus we give you 10 tips that everything goes smoothly when you buy property in Spain.

1. If you are convinced, it is the right time to purchase.

If you have and the money ready and clear ideas, you should not give many turns: the price of housing rose 4.5% in the third quarter of 2015, according to the National Statistics Institute of Spain (INE).

2. Ask yourself if you should invest.

The current situation is not only good for buying a home in which you are going to reside. The timing is also exceptional for investment. You'll have to find out if it will be profitable, yes.

3. Follow the beating of your heart.

The choice of housing depends on our needs and personal circumstances: tastes, area, services, proximity to work or family, among other factors. But we must not go crazy with the search. They say that the purchase decision is taken within 10 seconds early on we are visiting a home. When a house to live is chosen, you have to look at three things: location, price and size. And assume that hopefully meet with two

4. Mortgage fixed or variable rate?

It pays to know how much money we pay, how much we will pay the bank and under what conditions. At this time, the variable rate mortgages remain a tempting option. The 12-month Euribor, the interest rate that are referenced many of the Spanish mortgages, still on the floor: in November stood at the 0.079%. But this situation will not last for long.

At this time, the variable rate mortgages remain a tempting option. The 12-month Euribor, the interest rate that are referenced many of the Spanish mortgages, still on the floor: in November stood at the 0.079%. But this situation will not continue in eternal. And often tied to mortgages buyers for 20 or 30 years, a sufficiently long period for this indicator to suffer some significant fluctuations.

On the other hand, they are appearing interesting offers fixed rate that must be taken into account.

5. Beware the bank.

Banks can not force you to condition the granting of mortgage insurance contracts or other products. What is feasible is to reach an agreement, and offer a mortgage with a lower interest rate if we accept closer ties. However, before deciding, calculate and compensate if we compare the price of what we are offering with other entities.

6. New Build or Resale Property.

Will New Housing or second hand? This choice depends a lot on the preferences of each. While it is true that new homes tend to have better quality. If, on the other hand, you decide to buy on-a promotion plan for construct-that is still, take precautions.

7. Negotiate Always.

Confirmatory, the most common, arras imply that the buyer deliver an amount on account of the final price of housing, and commits both parties to demand, from the time of signing, compliance with the contract at the agreed price. It is desirable that the price and conditions are agreed directly between buyer and seller, to make the process more transparent.

8. Check if the property has outstanding debts.

Before signing the sale, you can go to the Land Registry for details on housing, for example if you have pending charges and if these are reflected in the contract.

The log can also get information about mortgages from the housing responsive; if it is subject to embargoes or affected by any litigious situation, or if there is an ongoing procedure for urban irregularity.

9. Check out the annual expenses.

Check that the seller has no outstanding payments with the community He can request information farm- administrator, whether any works by previous owners are the day He can find out at the town hall. It is also advisable to inquire in advance about the costs of the community and the amount of Property Tax (IBI).

10. Find out about energy efficiency certificates.

Since last June 1, 2013 must make available to homebuyers a Certificate of Energy Efficiency. This document, required by Community law, must be delivered by the vendor and is an important information about the costs in terms of energy that behaves housing.

EUROPAHUS, new build property for sale in the Costa Calida.

If you are looking for new construction properties on the Costa Calida, check out the catalog EUROPAHUS housing. . We 15 years helping people like you find the home of your dreams in Spain.

We have new housing and new in all areas of the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca, from Mazarrón to Denia. Contact us, tell us what you're looking for, and in less than you think you'll be enjoying your home in Spain.

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